Invited Speakers





Nicolas Fontaine

Nokia Bell Lab.

Space-Division Multiplexing Technologies for Communications and Beyond





Ioannis Tomkos

Athens Information Technology

Spatially-Spectrally Flexible Optical Networks (SS-FONs): A versatile networking solution

David_Allioux_.jpgDavid Allioux


Spatial Multiplexer and Recent Applications of Multi-Plane Light Conversion 

Cristian Antonelli_.jpgCristian Antonelli

University of L'Aquila

Propagation effects in fibers for space-division multiplexing: modelling and impact on system performance

Haoshuo Chen_.jpgHaoshuo Chen

Nokia Bell Labs

Remote mode forming over multimode fiber

Steve Grubb.pngStephen Grubb


Trends and Perspectives in Subsea Optical Transmission

Takemi Hasegawa._jpg.jpgTakemi Hasegawa

Sumitomo Electric

Ultra-low loss fiber technologies for SDM transmission

Yongmin Jun_.jpgYongmin Jung

University of Southampton

Optical amplifiers and key optical components for Space Division Multiplexed transmission


Guifang Li.pngGuifang Li

University of Central Florida

Exploiting Spatial Modes for Applications Beyond Transmission Capacity

Takayuki Mizuno.jpgTakayuki Mizuno


Multicore Amplification Technology for High-Capacity SDM Transmission Systems

Yoji Mori.pngYojiro Mori

Nagoya University

High-Port-Count Optical Cross-Connect Using Single-Module M×M Wavelength-Selective Switches


Tetsu Morishima.jpgTetsu Morishima

Sumitomo Electric

Multi-core fiber connector technology

Georg Rademacher_.pngGeorg Rademacher


Wide-band large capacity transmission over few-mode fiber

Siddharth Ramachandrn_.jpgSiddharth Ramachandran

Boston University

The physics and applications of fibers supporting OAM

Karsten Rottwitt.PNGKarsten Rottwitt

Technical University of Denmark

Intermodal nonlinear effects in vortex fibers; Raman scattering 

Taiji Sakamoto.pngTaiji Sakamoto


Few-mode multi-core fiber design optimizing spatial density and splicing characteristic for long-haul dense SDM transmission

Pierre Sillard.JPGPierre Sillard

Prysmian Group

Few-Mode Fibers for Mode Division Multiplexing: What is New?


Noboru Yoshikane.jpgNoboru Yoshikane

KDDI Research

Software-defined control for sliceable multi-dimensional optical networks 

Juan Carlos Alvarado Zacarias_.jpgJuan Carlos Alvarado Zacarias

University of Central Florida

All-Fiber Mode-Selective Photonic Lanterns for Space Division Multiplexing

George Zervas.pngGeorgios Zervas

University College London

Multi Core Fiber Switching and Networking