Keynote Speakers


May 17, 9:15 JST (0:15 GMT)

Roland Ryf (Nokia Bell Labs)

Space Division-Multiplexing: The road to commercialization


May 18, 9:00 JST (0:00 GMT)

Francesco Poletti (Univ. of Southampton)

Dreams of a hollow future in optical communications


Invited Speakers

  • Andrekson.jpg Peter Andrekson,    
     Chalmers University of Technology    

 High-Speed Optical Communication with Very Low Received Signal-to-Noise Ratio


  • chung.png Yun C. Chung,    
  •  KAIST    

 Multiplexing Technologies for Next-Generation Datacenter Networks


  • Ip.jpg Ezra Ip,    
    NEC America    

 Future Application of Fiber Infrastructure – From Data Transmission to Fiber Sensing

  • JAOUEN.jpg Yves Jaouën,    

 Telecom Paris, Institut Polytechnique de Paris    

 EFFLAM Project: from 12-Core Erbium-Ytterbium Fiber amplifier design to SDM transmissions applications


  • Lasagni.jpg Chiara Lasagni,    
     Università degli Studi di Parma    

 The ergodic GN Model for SDM transmission systems


  • Mazur.jpg Mikael Mazur,    
  •  Nokia Bell Labs    

 Real-Time MIMO DSP for Coupled-Core Fiber Transmission

  • MORI Takayoshi Mori,    

 NTT Corporation

 Planar Lightwave Circuit Device for Spatial Mode Multiplexing Transmission


  • Oxenløwe.jpg Leif K. Oxenløwe,    
    Technical University of Denmark    

 Spatial Distribution of Data Capacity as a Means to Reduce Number
of Repeaters in ULH Links

  • Palmieri.jpg Luca Palmieri,    
     Univ. Padova    

 Distributed Characterization of Coupled and Uncoupled Multicore Optical Fibers


  • Puttnam.jpg Ben Puttnam,

 Wideband, High-Throughput and Long Distance Transmission in SDM Fibers


  • Rusch.png Leslie A. Rusch and Sophie LaRochelle,    
     Univ. Laval    

 Ring-Core Fibers for OAM Mode Propagation


  • Sillard.jpg Pierre Sillard,    

 Simple Multi-Core Fiber Fabrication Method



  • Shibahara.jpg Kohki Shibahara,    
     NTT Network Innovation Laboratories    

 Long-Haul Transmission over Standard-Cladding Weakly-Coupled SDM Fibers



  • soma.jpg Daiki Soma,    
  •  KDDI Research, Inc.    

 Multi-core Fiber Transmission with Essential Optical Components for Realizing Large-capacity Optical Submarine Cable Systems

  • Takahashi.jpg Masanori Takahashi,    
     Furukawa Electric    

 Ultralow-Loss Uncoupled Multicore Fiber


  • xie.jpg Chongjin Xie,    
  •  Alibaba Infrastructure Service, Alibaba Cloud    

 Scaling Optical Interconnects for Hyperscale Data Center Networks


  • Zhu.jpg Benyuan Zhu,    
     OFS Laboratories

 Hollow-Core-Fiber cables for low latency communications