Plenary Speakers

Dr. Rene Essiambre
Nokia Bell Laboratories
Transmission and the Fate of Space-Division Multiplexing (SDM) in Core Networks
Prof. Dan Marom
Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem
Optical Networking Functionality for WDM-SDM Networks

Invited Speakers

Dr. Scott Bickham
High density interconnects for short-reach application
Dr. Tetsuya Hayashi
Sumitomo Electric Industries
Recent advances on randomly coupled multi-core fibers
Prof. Yong-min Jung
University of Southampton
Fully integrated SDM amplifiers
Prof. Yasuo Kokubun
Yokohama National University
Behavior of modes in few mode fibers - Review of mode theory and mode analysis
Dr. Tristan Kremp
Continuous multicore optical fiber gratings for distributed sensing
Dr. Guillaume Labroille
Recent Progress in Space-Division Multiplexing Devices using Multi-Plane Light Conversion
Prof. Ryo Nagase
Chiba Institute of Technology
Fiber-optic interconnecting device technologies for SDM systems
Prof. Francesco Poletti
University of Southampton
Recent advances in hollow core antiresonant fibres
Dr. Ben Puttnam
High-capacity transmission systems using homogeneous single-mode multi-core fibers
Dr. Roland Ryf
Nokia Bell Laboratories
High capacity transmission over Coupled-Core Fibers
Prof. William Shieh
Melbourne University
Multi-parameter sensing using few-mode fibers
Dr. Daiki Soma
KDDI Research
Ultra-highly Aggregated-Spectral-Efficient SDM/WDM Transmission
Dr. Kenya Suzuki
Wavelength selective switches for SDM network
Dr. Tetsuya Takenaga
High count multi-core fiber and measurement technology
Dr. Yukihiro Tuchida
Furukawa Electric Industries
Recent progress on multicore EDF
Dr. Alex Turukhin
TE Subcom
Experimental demonstration of power efficient long-haul transmission using multi-core fiber
Prof. Masato Yoshida
Tohoku University
Ultramulti-level transmission in multi-core fiber