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Nara Kotsu Bus

The website of the Nara Kotsu Bus provides detailed information in English and Chinese about bus transport.


This bus pass can be used to visit the main sightseeing destinations in Nara.

Limousine Bus

  • Kansai International Airport – JR/ Kintetsu Nara Station (90min JPY 2050/Adult)

Japan Railway (JR)

JR Nara Station - JR Kyoto Station (Travel time 47min./ Cost JPY 710)

JR Nara Station -JR Osaka Station (Travel time 51min./ Cost JPY 800)

  • JR-WEST RAIL PASS [Kansai Area Pass:] Excursion Pass for Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Nara and Himeji. Rate: 1day JPY 2000, 2days JPY 4000, 3days JPY 5000, 4days JPY 6000 The JR-West Rail Pass can be reserved online. URL:

Kintetsu Line

  • Kintetsu Nara Station - Kintetsu Kyoto Station (Tokkyu Train JPY 1130, Travel time 35min.) (Kyuko Train JPY 620, Travel time 46min) Kintetsu Nara Station – Kintetsu Osaka Station (Kyuko Train JPY 560, Travel time 41min) URL:


This ticket enables you to ride on subways, private railways (including Kintetsu Railway lines) and buses throughout the Kansai region.

Rate: 2days JPY 4,000, 3days JPY 5,200

Enquiries & Information including special privileges and model courses go to link below.


Nara Grutto Bus

Nara Prefecture provides special bus services for tourists.

Nara Gurutto Bus is an excursion bus in Nara City with two routes to choose from. The service operates primarily on weekends and holidays.

The fare is only JPY 100 each time you board.

* prices as of December 2016