Keynote Speakers

Prof. Joseph M. Kahn

Joseph M. Kahn

Stanford University

Extremes: From Coherent Data Center Links to Amplifier Physics-Optimized Submarine Cables






Andrew Ellis (Aston Univ.) and Martin P.J. Lavery (Univ. Glasgow)

Integrating Fibre and Cable Free Passive Optical Networking?



Invited Speakers

Ming-Jun Li


Multicore Fibers for High Density Optical Interconnect Applications

Haoshuo Chen

Nokia Bell Labs

Leveraging Spatial Modes for Co-Packaged Optics

Hirotaka Sakuma

Sumitomo Electric

Ultra-low loss SDM fiber technologies for long-haul transmission

Takashi Matsui


Standard 125-μm cladding multi-core fiber toward practical use and standardization

Riccardo Veronese

Universita Degli Studi di Padova

Distributed characterization of SDM fibers

Francesco Da Ros

DTU Fotonik

Optical Cancellation of Intra-modal Four-Wave-Mixing for Three-Mode Fibers through Optical Phase Conjugation

Christian Koos

Karlsruhe University

Hybrid Photonic Integration and 3D Nano-Printing – Technologies for Advanced Optical Transmission and Signal Processing

Robert R. Thomson    

Heriot-Watt University

Ultrafast laser inscribed 3D photonic components for manipulating spatial modes

Hervé Rigneault and Esben Ravn Andresen 

Université de Lille

Ultra-miniaturized Endoscopes with Multi-Core Fibers

Victor I. Kopp

Chiral Photonics

Vanishing core fanout technology for telecom, datacom and sensing applications

Ryo Nagase

Chiba Institute of Technology

How to connect SDM fibers?

Shigehiro Takasaka

Furukawa Electric

Perspective on Power Consumption of Multi-Core EDFA

David T. Neilson

Nokia Bell Labs

Scaling fiber-optic networking for the next 20 years

Lara D. Garrett

TE SubCom

Capacity and Connectivity Trends in Undersea Systems

Yutaka Miyamoto


Scalable SDM photonic node for future optical transport network

Koji Igarashi

Osaka University

Real-time MIMO DSP in Mode-division Multiplexed Transmission

Tiago Alves

Instituto de Telecomunicações

ICXT and outage in OOK direct-detection MCF systems

Filipe Marques Ferreira

University College London

Modelling Challenges in Spatial Mode Multiplexed Systems

Yuta Wakayama

KDDI Research

Large capacity/long distance SDM transmission